Van Wert County Flag History

In the Matter of Making the Flag Chosen for the Bicentennial the Official Flag of Van Wert County, Ohio

Office of the Board of County Commissioners June 12, 1975

us-oh-vwThe Board of County Commissioners of Van Wert County, Ohio, met in regular session in the office of said Board on the 12th day of June, 1975, with the following members present: Mr. W. Everett Jones, Mr. Steve Dickman and Mr. Hugh T. Rauch.

Mr. Hugh T. Rauch moved the adoption of the following


Whereas, the Van Wert Business and Professional Women's Club a short time ago did sponsor a contest to design a County Flag for the Bicentennial Celebration; and

Whereas, the Flag designed by Mr. Rolland Blanke Sr. of 133 Balyeat Avenue of Van Wert, Ohio, having been judged as the winning Flag which is described as follows:

The Flag is Red, White and Blue and takes its general shape from the State Flag of Ohio.

In a red bullet on a blue field is the tower of the Van Wert County Courthouse. The Courthouse being a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places.

Over the Red and White Stripes is interposed a gear with stalks of Wheat intertwined.

The Wheat is symbolic of the County's rich agribusiness while the Gear represents Industry.

There are 12 cogs on the Gear representative of the 12 Townships in Van Wert County.

The winning design is unique in that it is symmetrical and appears the same when viewed from either side.

Whereas, the Business and Professional Women's Club does plan to have the Flag reproduced and made available to the Public during the Bicentennial; therefore be it

Resolved, that this Board do and hereby does declare this Flag to be the Official Flag of Van Wert County, Ohio.

Mr. Steve Dickman seconded the Resolution and the roll being called upon it adoption, the vote resulted as follows: Mr. Rauch, "yea"; Mr. Dickman, "yea"; and Mr. Jones, "yea".

Attest: Harold Ireland
Business Mgr. & Clerk 

W. Everett Jones
Steve Dickman
Hugh t. Rauch