Honorable Martin D. Burchfield Judge

Christina L. Steffan  Magistrate

Magistrate Steffan oversees all the Domestic Relations Cases in the Van Wert County Common Pleas Court. The Magistrate also handles Civil cases assigned to him by Judge Burchfield.

LaGina Brant  Court Administrator

The Court Administrator handles the administrative and financial duties of both divisions of the Common Pleas Court. She monitors the Court’s Case Management Plan and handles the business of the Court.

Michael Kirkendall Bailiff/Court Reporter

The Court Reporter is directly responsible to report a verbatim record of hearings and proceedings in court. The Bailiff is responsible to preserve order within the courtroom and discharge such other duties as the Court requires.

Bruce Showalter Chief Probation Officer
Randy Olson Probation Officer
Stacy Widmer Probation Officer

The Probation Department is responsible for supervising people who have been placed on Probation/Community Control as well as those on Bond awaiting disposition of their criminal cases. The Probation Department partners with organizations within the community to help rehabilitate the offender. The Probation Officers have weekly/biweekly contact with offenders who are placed on supervision by the court. They are also responsible for the writing of Investigative Reports regarding the offender for the Court. The Probation Officers assist those under their supervision with job training, securing employment, securing mental health services and substance abuse treatment. The Probation Department is also responsible for the Drug Court participants and in giving daily drug tests.

Kelly Bartz Probation Clerk

The Probation Clerk performs the administrative duties of the Probation Department. The Probation Clerk also greets probationers and assists them in signing in weekly. The Clerk is also responsible for reports that are required by the Chief Probation Officer.