Job Opportunities

Last edited: 3/24/2022
The Van Wert Court of Common Pleas is currently looking for a Probation Clerk.

Resumes will be accepted through April 29, 2022 and should be directed to:

Hon. Martin D. Burchfield,
121 E. Main Street, 3rd Floor,
Van Wert, Ohio  45891

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Probation clerk
Van Wert county Court of Common PleasJob Description
The Probation Department Clerk assists in all Probation Department functions under the direction of the Chief Probation Officer, or his designee.
Standard working hours for this position are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday unless otherwise directed by the Court or Chief Probation Officer.
Duties include but are not exclusively limited to the following:
  • Perform as Office Receptionist, greet visitors, and direct telephone communications to the appropriate Department Personnel.
  • Initiate and maintain case files and update records in electronic and hard files.
  • Maintain and update Court Cost records.
  • Maintain and update Community Service Hours records.
  • Maintain and update Probation Supervision Fee records.
  • Maintain and update the records of office visits and telephone contacts of clients on Probation and bond supervision. (this function is not exclusive to the Probation Clerk but is the responsibility of all Department personnel)
  • Oversee and facilitate the proper transfers of interstate and intrastate courtesy supervision of clients and the associated documentation of same.
  • Oversee and facilitate the proper retention and disposal of Agency Records in compliance with state and federal law and Department policy.
  • Facilitate and maintain correspondence with the Court and outside agencies.
  • Assist Department personnel in criminal investigations and background checks.
  • Assist in the preparation of Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports.
  • Assist in obtaining drug screen samples from clients if necessary.
  • Assist Department personnel during Court proceedings, if requested, and insure that Court proceedings are accurately recorded in client case files.
  • Assist the Chief Probation Officer in the preparation of month end reports furnished to the Court for public release.
  • Provide support and assistance to the Court as requested by the Judge, the Court Administrator, and/or the Chief Probation Officer.
  • Needs to be comfortable with Recording and Computer software.
  • Assist with Interstate Compact and Intrastate probation transfers.
  • Monitor compliance through database.