Job Opportunities

The Van Wert Court of Common Pleas is currently looking for a Chief Probation Officer.

Resumes will be accepted through August 30, 2021 and should be directed to:

Hon. Martin D. Burchfield,
121 E. Main Street, 3rd Floor,
Van Wert, Ohio  45891

Chief Probation Officer
Van Wert county Court of Common PleasJob Description
  1. Chief Supervision Officer of the Court of Common Pleas who’s duties include:
    1. Manage the day to day operation of the Probation Office, including scheduling, case assignments, making all appropriate and required reports to the Court, the State of Ohio and other entities to whom the Department ha a reporting responsibility
    2. Assume the role of Grant Director for grants awarded to the Department for the day to day function of the Department. Set up all appropriate policies and procedures for complying with the Standards of said grants as well as establish procedures to show compliance with these Standards. To attend the required number of Grant Director’s meetings to stay abreast of the information and requirements of the grants administered through the State of Ohio.
    3. To prepared budgets for the Department consistent with Grant and County Standards, as well as managing the spending and distribution of funds from Grant and County funds with the exception of maintain payroll records outside those originating from Grants.
    4. To assure that the established Policies and Procedures of the department are being followed and to take the appropriate action to insure the same, including conduction annual reviews as well as administering the disciplinary procedures of the Department.
    5. To assure that the appropriate reports to the Court are being conducted in a thorough and professional manner as directed by the Court.
    6. To give guidance and direction to the Supervision and Clerical Staff consistent with the philosophy of the Court and accepted principles of Community Control Supervision.
  2. To develop and maintain a pattern of effective communication within the Probation Department:
    1. To take necessary steps to assure that all facets of the Department are communicating a voice consistent with the polices and procedures of the Department.
    2. To assure that the employees of the Department conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner that does not bring discredit to the Department of to themselves.
    3. To construct and train Department Policies and Procedures to the Employees and establish a procedure to demonstrate that Policies and Procedures are being shared and understood.
    4. To oversee communication being shared with outside entities to assure that it is consistent with Department Policies and Procedures.
  3. To insure that Department Employees are being trained in the generally accepted best practices of the profession and to keep the appropriate documentation of the same, to include current firearms training and qualification for any and all Supervision Officers that are authorized to carry weapons.
  4. To develop Policies and Procedures for the Defendant that are consistent with the best practices of the Department and consistent with and adopted by the Court. It is the responsibility of the Chief Probation Officer to assure that all employees have been given an opportunity to review and understand the policies and that all policies have been reviewed on an annual basis.
  5. Represent and communicate with other government partners and entities the Department and/or the Court’s information related to the Department.
  6. The Chief Probation Officer of the Court will maintain membership in the Ohio Chief Probation Officer’s Association or other appropriate professional association to access the necessary information to perform the duties of Chief Probation Officer to include attendance at quarterly meetings and associated trainings as available.
  7. The Chief Probation Officer will attend to the other duties directed by the Court including but no limited to:
    1. The assignment of conducting Pre-Sentence Investigations ordered by the Court;
    2. The assignment of conducted eligibility investigations for those defendants that have petitioned the Court if Intervention in Lieu of Conviction;
    3. The assignment of conducting eligibility investigations for those defendants that have petitioned the Court for Sealing of Records;
    4. The monthly compilation of the activities of the Probation Department and providing the same to the Court Administrator for public release.
  8. The Chief Probation Officer will coordinate with service providers for treatment programs for the Probation clients and take an active part in observing the service delivery.
  9. The Chief Probation Officer has traditionally functioned in the added capacity of Criminal Court Bailiff for the General Division of the Common Pleas Court. (This position has additional requirements above and beyond those of the Chief Probation Officer)
  10. Per the Standards of the County Community Corrections Grant, the Grant Administrator of required to possess an Associate’s Degree or higher in Criminal Justice or a related field.