Compliment Agency Staff

The Van Wert County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing the best law enforcement services possible. Citizen cooperation and input are essential if the Sheriff's Office is to succeed in reaching this goal. If you have questions about any specific action taken by the Sheriff's Office or have questions about how the Sheriff's Office operates, you can contact our Office at any time.

If you have further questions or would like more information or assistance, contact us at:

Van Wert County Sheriff's Office
113 N. Market Street
Van Wert, Ohio, 45891
You can commend the actions of any Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office employee in one of the following ways:
      1. Ask to speak to the employee’s supervisor and verbally communicate your praise. You can call 419-238-3866 at any time.

      2. Write a letter to the Sheriff explaining your praise. The address for the Sheriff’s Office is listed above.

      3. Email the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office at, and your commendation will be forwarded to the           Sheriff.

Commendations received result in advising the employee of your gratitude as well as permanent documentation in his/her personnel file. The employee may also be officially commended before peers and, depending on the situation, could be considered for other departmental and/or community awards of recognition.

If you have questions or recommendations for the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office, or if you would like to commend an officer or employee, contact the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Major, or Supervisor.

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