Office History

The first County Treasurer in Ohio was elected in 1827. Van Wert County’s first Treasurer of record was Charles Germann, elected in October of 1867. In those early years County Treasurers served a two year term. Many of the Van Wert County Treasurers served only four (4) years.

Those Treasurers serving after 1941 were elected for a four(4) year term. Since that time, Van Wert County has had just four Treasurers. The Honorable Walter E. Putman served 30 years from September 1941 until Feb. 1969 when he deceased while still in office. The Honorable Lloyd P. Basil was appointed to complete the unexpired term. Mr. Basil then was elected as County Treasurer to his first full term beginning September 1969.  Mr. Basil resigned effective August 31, 1993 having served over 25 years.

The Honorable Harold L. Merkle was appointed to complete the unexpired term beginning September 1, 1993 and began his first full term on September 6, 1993.  In November of 2002, Mr. Merkle was elected to serve as Van Wert County Commissioner and resigned the Treasurer’s position effective November 30, 2002.  The honorable Beverly A. Fuerst was subsequently appointed to serve the unexpired term.

Beverly Fuerst retired in August of 2018, upon which Nathan Vanderbroek was nominated as interim treasurer, until he was elected in November and began his term. Nathan resigned in January of 2020, and Laura Metzger was nominated as interim treasurer, until Jeff McIntosh was elected on March 17 of 2020 and sworn in May 12.

Past Van Wert County Treasurers
  Elected Beg Term Individual Notes
1868 -1857 -1866 Charles Germann  
1869   -1873 Charles Germann  
1870 -1871 -1866 John Seeman, Jr  
1872   1881 John Seeman, Jr  
1874 -77 -1866 Peter F. Feigert  
1876   -1885 A. Conant Appointed by Commissioners
1877 -1876 1886 James Montgomery      for 1 yr term
1879 -1874 -1871 James Montgomery  
1881   -1877 Charles E. Shenk Appointed by Commissioners
1882 -1882 -1877 Robert Pollock      to fill vacancy
1884 -1885 -1876 William H Corbet  
1886 -1888 -1881 William H Corbet  
1888 -1884 1897 John F. Sidle 1st Monday
1890 -1884 1899 John F. Sidle 1st Monday
1892 -1883 1901 Peter Hertz, Jr. 1st Monday
1894 -1889 1903 Franklin Carlo 1st Monday
1896 -1888 1905 Franklin Carlo 1st Monday
1898 -1888 1907 John E. Prichard 1st Monday
1900 -1895 01-Sep-00 John E. Prichard 1st Monday
1902 05-Nov-01 01-Sep-02 Abner B. Penny 1st Monday
1904 03-Nov-03 03-Sep-04 Abner B. Penny  
1906 07-Nov-05 01-Sep-06 Frank A. Poling 1st Monday
1908   01-Sep-08 Frank A. Poling Extended One Year
1909 03-Nov-08 06-Sep-09 Frank A. Poling  
1911 08-Nov-10 01-Sep-11 H.A.Mohler 1st Monday
1913 05-Nov-12 01-Sep-13 H.A.Mohler 1st Monday
1915 07-Nov-14 06-Sep-15 Burton C. Conn  
1917 07-Nov-16 03-Sep-17 Burton C. Conn  
1919 05-Nov-18 01-Sep-19 Edmund A. Leathers 1st Monday
1921 02-Nov-20 01-Sep-21 Edmund A. Leathers 1st Monday
1923 07-Nov-22 03-Sep-23 John J. Jones  
1925 04-Nov-24 04-Sep-25 John J. Jones  
1927 02-Nov-26 01-Sep-27 Benjamin O. Chilcote 1st Monday
1929 06-Nov-28 02-Sep-29 Benjamin O. Chilcote  
1931 04-Nov-30 01-Sep-31 E. V. Walborn 1st Monday
1933 01-Nov-32 04-Sep-33 E. V. Walborn  
1935 06-Nov-34 01-Sep-35 Gaylord M. Brown 1st Monday
1937 03-Nov-36 06-Sep-37 Gaylord M. Brown  
1939 05-Nov-40 02-Sep-41 Walter E. Putman  
1941     Walter E. Putman  
1945     Walter E. Putman  
1949     Walter E. Putman  
1953     Walter E. Putman  
1957     Walter E. Putman  
1961     Walter E. Putman  
1965     Walter E. Putman  
1969 05-Nov-68 23-Feb-69 Lloyd P. Basil Appted to fill unexpired  term official  9/01/69
1973   01-Sep-73 Lloyd P. Basil  
1977   02-Sep-77 Lloyd P. Basil  
1981   07-Sep-81 Lloyd P. Basil  
1985   02-Sep-85 Lloyd P. Basil  
1989   04-Sep-89 Lloyd P. Basil Started Credit Card
1992     Lloyd P. Basil Resigned effective August 31, 1993
1993 03-Nov-92 01-Sep-93 Harold L. Merkle Apptd to serve from 9/1/93
1994       Official Term 09/06/1993
1995       Started Del Pay 1994
1996       Started Prepay 1995
1997 05-Nov-96 01-Sep-97 Harold L. Merkle Started ACH 1997
2000 07-Nov-00 08-Sep-01 Harold L. Merkle Resigned effective 11/30/02 to become County Commissioner
2002-2018   01-Dec-02 Beverly A. Fuerst

Appointed Interim Treasurer 12/1/02
Appointed to serve unexpired term 12/11/02.

Retired effective Aug 31, 2018

2018-2020 5-Nov-18 Sep-18 Nathan Vanderbroek

Nominated as interim Country Treasurer in September after Beverly Fuerst retired.

Resigned effective Jan 31, 2020.

2020   Feb-20 Laura Metzger

Nominated as interim County Treasurer in February 2020 after Nathan Vanderbroek's resignation.

2020-Present Mar-20 May-20 Jeff McIntosh