Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
FH Program Krista Somerton Program Manager (419) 238-2999
Job And Family Services Erinn Sellers Director (419) 238-5430
Child & Adult Protective Services & Child Care Lesley Sowers Children Services Supervisor (419) 238-5430
Child Support Enforcement Agency Lori Clouse CSEA Supervisor (419) 238-9566
Family Stability Public Assistance Benefits Greg Gamble ERS Supervisors (419) 238-5430
Family Stability Public Assistance Benefits Deb Smith ERS Supervisors (419) 238-5430
Fiscal & Contracts Jeremy Ebel Business Administrator (419) 238-4530
Fraud Prevention & Reporting Greg Gamble Fraud Investigator (419) 238-5430
Regional Airport Steve Bailey Airport Manager (419) 232-4500
Regional Planning Cathie Malone Regional Planning Commission (419) 238-3611
Veterans Services Barry Johns CSVO (419) 238-9592
Veterans Services Lori Comer Benefits Counselor (419) 238-9592
Courts Cindy Mollenkopf Clerk of Courts (419) 238-1022
Common Pleas Court Honorable Martin D. Burchfield Judge (419) 238-6935
Probate & Juvenile Court Honorable Kevin H. Taylor Judge (419) 238-0027
Probate & Juvenile Court Joseph Quatman Magistrate
Probate & Juvenile Court Suzanne E. Kallas Court Administrator
Probate Court Deanna Jewell Deputy Clerk (419) 238-0027
Probate Court Audrey Schimmoller Deputy Clerk (419) 238-0027
Probate Court Abbie Schmersal Deputy Clerk (419) 238-0027
Probate Court Michael J. Semer Court Reporter/Bailiff (419) 238-0027
Juvenile Court Lynn Simson Deputy Clerk (419) 238-1118
Juvenile Court Tina Bender Deputy Clerk (419) 238-1118
Juvenile Probation Virginia E. Hammons Chief Probation Officer (419) 238-2044
Juvenile Probation Nancy A. Sparks Probation Officer (419) 238-2044
Juvenile Probation Michael J. Semer Probation Officer/Bailiff (419) 238-2044
Juvenile Probation Matthew D. Ream Probation Officer (419) 238-2044
Juvenile Probation Kudie Able Probation Clerk (419) 238-2044
Juvenile Probation Sarah Cripe Probation Clerk (419) 238-2044
Engineering Department Kyle J. Wendel PE,PS Van Wert County Engineer
Engineering Department Kory Thatcher PE,SIT Deputy Engineer/Bridge Inspector
Engineering Department Rob Wilhelm Superintendent
Engineering Department Mike Wortman Bridge Technician
Engineering Department Ron Keber Traffic and Safety Technician
Engineering Department Tracey Allenbaugh Administrative Assistant
Ditch Maintenence Mike Motycka Drainage Technician
Ditch Maintenence Dean Girod Ditch Sprayer
Sign Department Ron Keber Traffic Technician
Sign Department Randy Thornell Sign Installation
Road Department Josh Evans Road Foreman
Road Department Kirk Bonifas Highway Worker
Road Department Shawn Young Highway Worker
Road Department Brent Wright Highway Worker
Road Department Trent Wannemacher Highway Worker
Road Department Seth Schulte Highway Worker
Bridge Department Brad Berry Bridge Foreman
Bridge Department Dalton Sidle Bridge Worker
Bridge Department Carter Gorman Bridge Worker
Bridge Department Mike Reichert Bridge Worker
Maintenence Department Rex Marbaugh Equipment Maintenance Supervisor/Mechanic
Maintenence Department Barb Miller Maintenance Data Entry
Maintenence Department Ryan Miller Mechanic
Buildings and Grounds Joe Motycka Building and Grounds Supervisor
Tax Map Office Cathie Malone GIS / RPC / Tax Map Draft Person (419) 238-3611
Tax Map Office Devann Springer Tax Map Assistant
Prosecutor's Office Eva J. Yarger Prosecuting Attorney (419) 238-1166
Prosecutor's Office Kelly J. Rauch Chief Asst Prosecutor/Child Support Enforcement (419) 238-1166
Prosecutor's Office Dillon W. Staas, IV Adult Felony/Juvenile Division (419) 238-0180
Prosecutor's Office Steven L. Diller Adult Felony (419) 238-5025
Prosecutor's Office Charles F. Koch Civil Division (419) 238-0014
Recorder's Office Kim Hughes Recorder (419) 238-2558
Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach Sheriff (419) 238-3866
Treasurer Jeff McIntosh Treasurer (419) 238-5177
County Commissioners Ryanne Bollenbacher Clerk (419) 238-6159
County Commissioners Katie Hughes Administrative Assistant (419) 238-6159
County Commissioners Thad Lichtensteiger Commissioner (419) 238-6159
County Commissioners Stan Owens Commissioner (419) 238-6159
County Commissioners Todd Wolfrum Commissioner (419) 238-6159
Human Resources JoAnne Simmerman Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (419) 238-6159