Investigative Division

About the Investigative Division

The Investigative Division of the Sheriff's Office is staffed with two full time detectives. They are responsible for the investigations of the more serious crimes and investigations that would be too time consuming for the road deputy to conduct. Detectives investigate all crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rapes, sexual assaults, burglaries, drug trafficking or manufacturing. In general, the Investigative Division is primarily involved in cases that would be classified as a felony crime.

On a daily basis, detectives review each day's shift activities reports from the day before. A new lead to an old crime is constantly looked for in a sustained effort to bring suspects into the system and help Van Wert county victims find closure to a case that has grown old. Each year detectives interview hundreds of people in the course of their investigations. Interviewing suspects and witnesses is a recognized technique that leads to the solving of crimes that are unrelated to the actual crime being investigated. The interviewing of people is probably the most common task that a detective is required to perform on a daily basis.

Through the years technology has brought the Internet and cell phone to the availability of the citizens. With these advances in technology comes new waves of crime that continues to grow as fast as the criminal's imagination will take them. Detectives will investigate all Internet crimes as the circumstances dictate.

Any tips about criminal acts can be referred to the Sheriff's Office detectives via this page. You can remain anonymous.